Abnormality of the thorax


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GWAS of 0000765

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No sibling GWAS available 0000765


Case Control
103015 357179

Phenotype Definition

Any abnormality of the thorax (the region of the body formed by the sternum, the thoracic vertebrae and the ribs). [HPO:curators]

Top SNP Information

Associated Diseases

ID Name Top Correlation
ICD: C349 Bronchus or lung, unspecified 1/20
ICD: C504 Upper-outer quadrant of breast 1/20
ICD: C509 Breast, unspecified 1/20
ICD: D043 Skin of other and unspecified parts of face 2/20
ICD: I200 Unstable angina 13/20
ICD: I208 Other forms of angina pectoris 9/20
ICD: I209 Angina pectoris, unspecified 12/20
ICD: I219 Acute myocardial infarction, unspecified 12/20
ICD: I259 Chronic ischaemic heart disease, unspecified 11/20
ICD: M758 Other shoulder lesions 1/20
ICD: R072 Precordial pain 1/20
ICD: R073 Other chest pain 1/20
ICD: R074 Chest pain, unspecified 1/20
ICD: T828 Other complications of cardiac and vascular prosthetic devices, implants and grafts 9/20
ICD: Y433 Other antineoplastic drugs 1/20
ICD: Y838 Other surgical procedures 2/20