Abnormal joint morphology


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134590 325604

Phenotype Definition

An abnormal structure or form of the joints, i.e., one or more of the articulations where two bones join. [HPO:probinson]

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Associated Diseases

ID Name Top Correlation
ICD: A099 Gastroenteritis and colitis of unspecified origin 2/20
ICD: H110 Pterygium 2/20
ICD: M159 Polyarthrosis, unspecified 5/20
ICD: M160 Primary coxarthrosis, bilateral 2/20
ICD: M161 Other primary coxarthrosis 4/20
ICD: M169 Coxarthrosis, unspecified 4/20
ICD: M189 Arthrosis of first carpometacarpal joint, unspecified 2/20
ICD: M199 Arthrosis, unspecified 7/20
ICD: M1994 Arthrosis, unspecified (Hand) 3/20
ICD: M1997 Arthrosis, unspecified (Ankle and foot) 4/20
ICD: M202 Hallux rigidus 4/20
ICD: M204 Other hammer toe(s) (acquired) 4/20
ICD: M257 Osteophyte 3/20
ICD: M545 Low back pain 1/20
ICD: M720 Palmar fascial fibromatosis [Dupuytren] 1/20
ICD: M722 Plantar fascial fibromatosis 1/20
ICD: M758 Other shoulder lesions 1/20
ICD: M841 Nonunion of fracture [pseudarthrosis] 1/20
ICD: M858 Other specified disorders of bone density and structure 1/20
ICD: O821 Delivery by emergency Caesarean section 3/20