Abnormal hair morphology


Normal Case/Contol

GWAS of 0001595

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No sibling GWAS available 0001595


Case Control
55537 404657

Phenotype Definition

An abnormality of the hair. [HPO:probinson]

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Associated Diseases

ID Name Top Correlation
ICD: C439 Malignant melanoma of skin, unspecified 1/20
ICD: C440 Skin of lip 5/20
ICD: C442 Skin of ear and external auricular canal 13/20
ICD: C443 Skin of other and unspecified parts of face 15/20
ICD: C444 Skin of scalp and neck 13/20
ICD: C445 Skin of trunk 9/20
ICD: C446 Skin of upper limb, including shoulder 8/20
ICD: E114 With neurological complications 1/20
ICD: F220 Delusional disorder 1/20
ICD: J342 Deviated nasal septum 6/20
ICD: L031 Cellulitis of other parts of limb 8/20
ICD: M257 Osteophyte 3/20
ICD: R11 Nausea and vomiting 2/20