Abnormality of metabolism/homeostasis


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237036 223158

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Associated Diseases

ID Name Top Correlation
ICD: A099 Gastroenteritis and colitis of unspecified origin 1/20
ICD: B24 Unspecified human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] disease 9/20
ICD: B509 Plasmodium falciparum malaria, unspecified 4/20
ICD: C900 Multiple myeloma 1/20
ICD: D075 Prostate 2/20
ICD: D259 Leiomyoma of uterus, unspecified 6/20
ICD: D472 Monoclonal gammopathy 1/20
ICD: D500 Iron deficiency anaemia secondary to blood loss (chronic) 4/20
ICD: D573 Sickle-cell trait 5/20
ICD: D860 Sarcoidosis of lung 1/20
ICD: D892 Hypergammaglobulinaemia, unspecified 1/20
ICD: E111 With ketoacidosis 2/20
ICD: E112 With renal complications 2/20
ICD: E139 Without complications 2/20
ICD: E149 Without complications 3/20
ICD: E260 Primary hyperaldosteronism 2/20
ICD: E559 Vitamin D deficiency, unspecified 1/20
ICD: F220 Delusional disorder 1/20
ICD: F23 Acute and transient psychotic disorders 2/20
ICD: F259 Schizoaffective disorder, unspecified 3/20
ICD: F323 Severe depressive episode with psychotic symptoms 3/20
ICD: H023 Blepharochalasis 2/20
ICD: I10 Essential (primary) hypertension 13/20
ICD: I119 Hypertensive heart disease without (congestive) heart failure 1/20
ICD: I208 Other forms of angina pectoris 2/20
ICD: I258 Other forms of chronic ischaemic heart disease 2/20
ICD: I517 Cardiomegaly 6/20
ICD: I518 Other ill-defined heart diseases 1/20
ICD: I620 Subdural haemorrhage (acute) (nontraumatic) 1/20
ICD: J46 Status asthmaticus 1/20
ICD: K860 Alcohol-induced chronic pancreatitis 1/20
ICD: L031 Cellulitis of other parts of limb 1/20
ICD: M189 Arthrosis of first carpometacarpal joint, unspecified 3/20
ICD: M1994 Arthrosis, unspecified (Hand) 3/20
ICD: M1996 Arthrosis, unspecified-Lower leg 4/20
ICD: M255 Pain in joint 3/20
ICD: M5490 Dorsalgia, unspecified (Multiple sites in spine) 1/20
ICD: M5496 Dorsalgia, unspecified (Lumbar region) 1/20
ICD: M5499 Dorsalgia, unspecified (Site unspecified) 5/20
ICD: M858 Other specified disorders of bone density and structure 1/20
ICD: M88 Paget's disease of bone [osteitis deformans] 7/20
ICD: N083 Glomerular disorders in diabetes mellitus 1/20
ICD: N63 Unspecified lump in breast 1/20
ICD: O13 Gestational [pregnancy-induced] hypertension without significant proteinuria 1/20
ICD: O140 Moderate preeclampsia 2/20
ICD: O149 Preeclampsia, unspecified 2/20
ICD: O210 Mild hyperemesis gravidarum 1/20
ICD: O234 Unspecified infection of urinary tract in pregnancy 2/20
ICD: O269 Pregnancy-related condition, unspecified 3/20
ICD: O365 Maternal care for poor foetal growth 3/20
ICD: O721 Other immediate postpartum haemorrhage 2/20
ICD: O800 Spontaneous vertex delivery 5/20
ICD: R002 Palpitations 2/20
ICD: R69 Unknown and unspecified causes of morbidity 3/20
ICD: R739 Hyperglycaemia, unspecified 2/20
ICD: T783 Angioneurotic oedema 3/20