Abnormality of the rectum



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Female Case Female Control % Female
55147 194710 59%
Male Case Male Control % Male
38439 171898 41%

Phenotype Definition

An abnormaltiy of the rectum, the final segment of the large intestine that stores solid waste until it passes through the anus. [HPO:probinson]

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Associated Diseases

ID Name Top Correlation
ICD: D128 Rectum 8/20
ICD: D500 Iron deficiency anaemia secondary to blood loss (chronic) 5/20
ICD: I848 Unspecified haemorrhoids with other complications 2/20
ICD: K573 Diverticular disease of large intestine without perforation or abscess 12/20
ICD: K579 Diverticular disease of intestine, part unspecified, without perforation or abscess 9/20
ICD: K602 Anal fissure, unspecified 1/20
ICD: K621 Rectal polyp 3/20
ICD: K635 Polyp of colon 7/20
ICD: K649 Haemorrhoids, unspecified 2/20
ICD: N811 Cystocele 6/20
ICD: N812 Incomplete uterovaginal prolapse 7/20
ICD: N813 Complete uterovaginal prolapse 1/20
ICD: N815 Vaginal enterocele 4/20
ICD: N816 Rectocele 8/20
ICD: O701 Second degree perineal laceration during delivery 3/20