Neoplasm by anatomical site


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206292 253902

Phenotype Definition

Neoplasm categorized according to the anatomical site of origin of the neoplasm. [DDD:rscott]

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Associated Diseases

ID Name Top Correlation
ICD: C159 Oesophagus, unspecified 3/20
ICD: C349 Bronchus or lung, unspecified 1/20
ICD: C439 Malignant melanoma of skin, unspecified 1/20
ICD: C440 Skin of lip 3/20
ICD: C442 Skin of ear and external auricular canal 5/20
ICD: C443 Skin of other and unspecified parts of face 5/20
ICD: C444 Skin of scalp and neck 5/20
ICD: C446 Skin of upper limb, including shoulder 5/20
ICD: C450 Mesothelioma of pleura 1/20
ICD: C502 Upper-inner quadrant of breast 1/20
ICD: C504 Upper-outer quadrant of breast 2/20
ICD: C509 Breast, unspecified 1/20
ICD: C64 Malignant neoplasm of kidney, except renal pelvis 1/20
ICD: C679 Bladder, unspecified 3/20
ICD: C693 Choroid 2/20
ICD: C772 Intra-abdominal lymph nodes 1/20
ICD: C780 Secondary malignant neoplasm of lung 2/20
ICD: C787 Secondary malignant neoplasm of liver 2/20
ICD: C795 Secondary malignant neoplasm of bone and bone marrow 2/20
ICD: C911 Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia 1/20
ICD: D033 Melanoma in situ of other and unspecified parts of face 3/20
ICD: D043 Skin of other and unspecified parts of face 3/20
ICD: D125 Sigmoid colon 3/20
ICD: D126 Colon, unspecified 2/20
ICD: D128 Rectum 3/20
ICD: D172 Benign lipomatous neoplasm of skin and subcutaneous tissue of limbs 2/20
ICD: D176 Benign lipomatous neoplasm of spermatic cord 2/20
ICD: D179 Benign lipomatous neoplasm, unspecified 2/20
ICD: D231 Skin of eyelid, including canthus 3/20
ICD: D233 Skin of other and unspecified parts of face 2/20
ICD: D24 Benign neoplasm of breast 1/20
ICD: D250 Submucous leiomyoma of uterus 1/20
ICD: D251 Intramural leiomyoma of uterus 1/20
ICD: D252 Subserosal leiomyoma of uterus 1/20
ICD: D259 Leiomyoma of uterus, unspecified 1/20
ICD: D649 Anaemia, unspecified 3/20
ICD: E041 Non-toxic single thyroid nodule 1/20
ICD: H332 Serous retinal detachment 2/20
ICD: I848 Unspecified haemorrhoids with other complications 2/20
ICD: J920 Pleural plaque with presence of asbestos 2/20
ICD: J929 Pleural plaque without asbestos 2/20
ICD: K20 Oesophagitis 1/20
ICD: K21 Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease 2/20
ICD: K221 Ulcer of oesophagus 3/20
ICD: K317 Polyp of stomach and duodenum 1/20
ICD: K621 Rectal polyp 3/20
ICD: K635 Polyp of colon 3/20
ICD: L570 Actinic keratosis 5/20
ICD: L720 Epidermal cyst 1/20
ICD: L82 Seborrhoeic keratosis 3/20
ICD: L989 Disorder of skin and subcutaneous tissue, unspecified 4/20
ICD: M722 Plantar fascial fibromatosis 1/20
ICD: N870 Mild cervical dysplasia 1/20
ICD: N871 Moderate cervical dysplasia 1/20
ICD: O341 Maternal care for tumour of corpus uteri 1/20
ICD: Y433 Other antineoplastic drugs 1/20
ICD: Y838 Other surgical procedures 3/20