Renal cortical necrosis


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Patchy or diffuse ischemic destruction of all the elements of renal cortex resulting from significantly diminished renal arterial perfusion. Coagulative necrosis may be present, involving all tubular segments and glomeruli. Nuclei may be pale and pyknotic, or may no longer be apparent. Thrombi may be present in vessels at the edge of the infarct. [PMID:26558184, PMID:27091021]

Phenotype Comment

Renal cortical necrosis is a type of actue kidney injury that results from insufficient perfusion of the renal cortex. Cortical necrosis commonly manifests clinically as a rapid loss of glomerular filtration rate, often with oliguria, granular casts, and low-level proteinuria. The key diagnostic features of renal cortical necrosis are (i) pale tissue with typical appearance of coagulative necrosis, affecting both tubules and glomeruli; (ii) pyknotic nuclei; and (iii) simplified, flattened epithelium of proximal tubules.

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ICD: O622 Other uterine inertia 6/20